Energy Dundee

The Energy sector is an important part of the future for Dundee and the broader local economy, encompassing: Offshore Wind farms; Oil & Gas; Decommissioning; and emerging and growing areas such as Hydrogen and Electric Vehicles. Development is driven by the demand for lower energy costs, increased sustainability and to attract investment and jobs into the region

Building on Dundee’s strong history of successful collaboration, the Energy Dundee partnership was created to unlock business opportunities for Dundee and the wider region. Located on the east coast of Scotland, equidistant from Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Dundee is an ideal location for investment and growth for the energy sector. The Port of Dundee offers easy access to the North Sea and all points inland and the cities Airport is conveniently located less than 3km from the city centre and within 5km of the port.

Dundee is being developed as a centre of green business and is seen as a frontrunner in the low carbon economy. It is recognised as an exemplar city in the development of low carbon transport/electric vehicle integration in the UK. Low carbon transport projects include developing hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The city has the largest urban wind turbines in Europe operating at the Michelin Tyre Factory and has recently introduced free car parking for all registered, pure electric vehicles.