Creative Industries in Dundee

Dundee is an internationally renowned centre for game development. As a campus City, the educated population contributes to a strong knowledge economy, assisting creative arts and industries to thrive.
According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Dundee, as a location within the UK, has the fewest barriers to entrepreneurship in the world, and has the fastest business set-up time in Europe (The World Bank). The UK is Europe’s most liberalised and dynamic telecoms market and has the most advanced infrastructure in Europe; with access to 60 million consumers within the UK and 500 million in Europe. Dundee has the advantage of excellent broadband speeds, with currently over 98% access to superfast (>30 Mbps) and more than 89% with access to ultrafast (>100Mpbs) broadband. City Fibre, Virgin and BT are currently investing further in infrastructure across the city.
There is a sector-wide opportunity in Dundee, as creative industries are growing in diversity as fast as the innovations they spawn. Companies setting up in Dundee have easy access to tap into the city’s highly skilled workforce and readily accessible talent pool.

Digital Media

Dundee is the location of one of Europe’s most accomplished hubs for computer games and mobile digital content development. As export driven industries, games and application development, along with other digital media combine to form a key sector for the city. Digital Dundee is a hub for projects and digital information related to Dundee.
Dundee’s digital media success is built on entrepreneurial talent, strong financial and professional support, a strong design focus and an early-adopter outlook. Dundee pioneered education in video games, by creating the world’s first computer games degree course at the University of Abertay Dundee.

Journalism & Publishing

Dundee has been home to newspaper and magazine powerhouse DC Thomson for over 100 years, publishers of famous iconic magazines The Beano. The group also includes Bright Solid, the online services company, global book publisher Parragon Books and magazine publishers This England, SHortlist Media and Puzzler Media. Specialist media like Clash magazine are also based within the city, which has a history of producing world class international journalists and publications.

Film & Television Production

The Moving Image sector goes beyond film and TV production to encompass pre- and post-production, special effects, animation, games, corporate and commercial production, interactive media and other production services that contribute to the finished product. Distribution, whether on the big, small or computer screen is a key element in the picture. It is estimated that the total annual spend in these sectors in Scotland is around £300 million, or around 5% of total spend in the UK. Over 30,000 people are employed in these sectors and with sales of Scottish content at over £1.5 billion per year, achieves around 10% of all UK sales.
Dundee, already known as a leading centre for games, is rapidly increasing its profile in the wider media production sector. It provides an urban hub for companies and crew throughout Fife and Tayside filming in scenic locations nearby. The region accounts for 20% of people employed in the sector in Scotland. TayScreen, the screen office for Dundee City Council and the Councils of Angus, Fife and Perth & Kinross, promotes the region to the global media industry and works with around 100 projects a year.
Dundee is also playing a leading role in a new EU project for the development of the moving image sectors around the North Sea. Led by Dundee City Council,Create Converge is a €2 million project with partners including Denmark, England and, Norway. The project includes convergence project around virtual reality.
Independent Radio broadcasters in the city are Wave 102 and Radio Tay.

Marketing & PR

Dundee has traditionally been a communication hub for Scotland with Marketing and PR firms based in the city, such as Blue Square, MTC Media and Volpa. There are also a large number of smaller agencies and consultancies including Grainger PR, My Pinkie Promise and Patter PR. Scotland-wide, the sector is estimated to contribute more than £1 billion to the economy.


Dundee is home to award winning architects Nicoll Russell, Aim, and architects specialising in sector-specific designs such as Wellwood Leslie. There are many world-class projects designed within the city. Architecture courses at the University of Dundee offer a range of planning and urban design courses including h ow to plan, design, develop and deliver sustainable urban environments. A number of colleges and universities across the city region offer related architectural technology qualifications, supporting this sectors skill base.