Contact Centres

Dundee is a SMART location with one of the highest student to population ratios in Scotland (1:6).  The city has 2 universities within the city centre (the University of Dundee and Abertay University) as well as the institute for Islamic & Arabic Studies and the award winning D&A College of further education. The University of St Andrews is only 14 miles (22km) away.

Dundee is geographically the smallest local authority area in Scotland and importantly, the regional catchment area contains more than 555,800 people of working age living within an hours drive of the city. 

The combination of a young resident population, and a higher than Scottish average unemployment rate, gives Dundee the potential to easily accommodate, and staff, new contact centres within the city.

There are currently more than 3200 people employed within the industry in companies such as BT, HM Revenue & Customs, Jobcentre Plus, Lloyds Banking Group, Department for Work and Pensions and Tesco.